Ana Barriga

Her work is about to make a revision of the figurative painting through the photographic image, to place people in the way of this technique, stressing the new pictorial areas that arose at the end of the 20th Century. She faces different experimentation fields that deal with court painting and the figure-background, expanding this technique and her work style towards a new exploratory perspective. She wants to dig into the image from a painting perspective in a non-linear process and flexible, which expands the plastic possibilities. She applies the idea of laboratory, knowing the error and the discovery as a research method; with these works she tries to stress the nature of painting, everything gets simplified until the painting itself. Therefore, the purpose does not become programed, it turns out to be a sequence of a gradual fight for the autonomy of art, considering every decision made since the beginning of the process from the essential: the choice of painting as a mean.


Año promoción