Javier Parrilla

He belongs to a new generation of Sevillian painters. His production is focused on painting, proposing the work of the painter as a conscious game of chance not free from fate and reason, that studies the limits between natural and built. What once was real, and the selection that memory makes, as Einstein said. The game is the more elevated shape of research and since its creation, the painting is understood as playful setting that absorbs everything that comes, and it is permeable to its interest and attentions, and putting ahead of the freedom to the limitations of style or speech. His works happen in a indefinite period, difficult to set, and they follow to be a revealing view. This circumstance invades his process in a constant activity of selection. Placing himself at that inaccurate line that is at the edge of the setting, the moment and the speed in which things have to happen, organizing haphazardly every environment, so every painting is unpredictable, the method or the project is the own exercise of the painting.