Miki Leal

Always working on paper, Miki Leal develops a very personal abstract figuration with pop colours and dreamlike. As if it were a fantasy, the scenes he creates with a pictorial refined technique are daydreams of shapes and colours taken directly from the artist's tribulations. His working method uses the association to find discoveries to develop with energy, strength and versatility, which characterised his painting. "I have been through different creative processes, although there always was an own process of abstract painter, due to I always start from white. The most important is to continue until something is formed, and alludes to things you have in your mind, present at that moment." The variety of topic represented are immense. One may said that he expresses all his personal universe through music, cinema, literature, travels or people close to him. Miki Leal has a Sevillian optimism, he faces his work as an artist. He knows that his art is authentic and he says unashamedly. His recent works are focused on landscape and watercolours, a technique that he controls very well, as he demonstrated in several occasions through different exhibitions in and out of Spain, in a way more consolidated every day.


Written by María de Corral