Rubén Guerrero

Rubén Guerrero (Utrera, Sevilla, 1976); since 2005 he is an artist of the "Galería Luís Adelantado" (Valencia and México). Last year, he made an individual exhibition called "Entre Fraudes y Hechos" in Mexico D.F for this gallery and also he goes to ARCO with them. He also has participated in other exhibitions like "Figuraciones" (2001 and 2003), "Hacen lo que quieren" (2005) and "The Sock Strategy (La estrategia del calcetín)" (2006). Rubén questions with his painting the reality and its truthfulness condition. As a rigging system, his pictorial scenography - shabby and decadent - betrays his background, duplicity, the other side, with his miseries and glint. Facing his works, the spectator finds himself/herself in a uncomfortable fix to figure out if he/she is place in front of the head or the reverse of that reality. When the spectators are looking at his work, or big public exhibitions, he/she must assume that reality and enjoy it, knowing about its transience and reversibility, or dig into the surface and find out the heart breaking of the fictional event. 


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