José Miguel Pereñíguez

José Miguel Pereñíguez is "licenciado" of Fine Arts", specializing in painting, at the University of Seville. Throughout the last decade he has received different scholarships, like the project "Generación de Caja Madrid" in 2006, "Premio Velázquez de Pintura" granted by the Ministry of Culture in 2007, "Premio Lissone" in 2010, the last being considered as one of the emergent values of the Spanish art. The drawings gathered under the epigraph “Restos/Lugares”, made with pencil and charcoal on cardboard, represent different places that give context to life, real or imaginary. Although he has developed a noteworthy activity as a painter and illustrator, J.M. Pereñíguez expresses himself essentially through drawing and sculpture, using historical and cultural referents that build, reproduce, deform, refute or celebrate, through a continued work at the workshop that constitutes the base of his work. 


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