Felipe Ortega Regalado

The drawing is one of the central structures of the creative process of Felipe Ortega Regalado. Multidisciplinary artist, in 2001 he completed his "licenciatura" of Fine Arts at the University of Seville, where he carried out a research work, and he obtained the D.E.A. in 2007. He combines his artistic work with the curatorship of exhibitions and the organization of different cultural proposals. Ortega Regalado explores with his drawing the periphery of ornamental and the limits of the figurative structure, suggesting narratives that get assemble from intermittent stories that give to his work a deep dreamlike nature of surreal origins; which are responsible for the shapes that insinuate stems, roots, seed, bulbs, nervation and other vegetables. Occasionally, the drawings work as starting point for the elaboration of short videos, that explore other narratives, where the shapes mutate and their reflection get displayed showing their proximity to the natural order, until certain point. 


Año promoción