Ramos Suárez, Manuel Antonio

MANUEL ANTONIO RAMOS SUÁREZ "Licenciado" and PhD in Geography and History (Art Section) at the University of Seville. His PhD dissertation: "Consecuencias del Proceso desamortizador en el Patrimonio Cultural". Marchena (1767-1901). He obtained distinction "cum laude". 
Since the year 2015, he teaches the course of History and Contemporary Art, and Theory and Art History I and II, in the faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Seville. 

Merits in Research: 

His research is oriented towards the study of the Spanish cultural heritage and its consequences during the 19th C, in the following wars and the different process of disentailment. His research is mainly focused in the study of the cultural heritage in Marchena, dealing with all the patrimonial fields, including the musical and the inmaterial ones. Besides, he is a member of the research group Laraña HUM-317, offering studies related with his research line. "Premio Archivo Hispalense 2007" - Art Section - by "Diputación de Sevilla", as well as he received the award for the best local research work by the "ASCIL" in the year 2008. He has participated in several local, provincial and national conferences, presenting his talk and communications with original contributions. He has also directed and coordinated different exhibitions about cultural properties.