Dean's Council Members





The Dean bears the overall responsibility of our center. He holds the representation and also exercises his management functions. Some of these include: 

  • Leading the meeting of the Centre Board and commanding the realization of agreements. 
  • Determining the reunion's agenda of the Centre Board, which should include the items of, at least, ten percent of the members, or all of members that belong to the same sector. 
  • Proposing to the Rector the designation of Vice-dean or Assistant Manager, and the Secretary of the center. Also coordinating and supervising their work. 
  • Presiding over the Academic Events of the center when he is there. 
  • Proposing draft regulations, solutions and agreements to the Center Board. 
  • Leading the Academic Policy of the Center. 
  • Proposing contracts and agreements on academic collaborations with other centers or institutions. 
  • Coordinating the center's activities. 
  • Arranging and authorizing expenses of the center. 




The Secretary is in charge of: 

  • Acting as the Secretary of the governing colleges of the Center that she belongs to and of the delegate commissions that are established.   
  • Recording all of the sessions that are held for the governing colleges and and the delegate commissions she belongs to. 
  • Executing the meeting of the Faculty Board and the Delegated Commissions which are commanded by the president and to calling the members. 
  • Attesting the agreements or functions, being certain about the official documents of the Faculty, and sending out the certifications that are required as Secretary. 
  • Guarding the official documents, proceedings and files from the Center.





The Vice-Dean of Quality  and Students is in charge of the  Degree's Quality Guarantee System that are available in our center, and more specifically:

  • Favouring the proper function of the Quality Guarantee Commissions and Monitoring Commissions of the Plan of Studies that is held in our center. 
  • Coordinating the regular report writings elaborated by the Quality Guarantee Commissions. 
  • Analysing the periodical reports elaborated by the Quality Guarantee Commissions in order to prepare proposals for actions that can improve the center and the degress. 


On the other hand, he maintains a close relation with the collective student group, the student union, culture room, graduation organizing commissions, etc. He also  attends to enquires, proposals and complaints that any student may have delivered to the administration, and to guide and cooperate in order to reach a solution. 

Also, he encourages and coordinates the guidance activities, and the center's tutorial action; which are based on the elaboration of a Tutorial Action Plan.

All of these activities are carried out with the cooperation of Vice chancellor of the Academic and Student Organizations, following their guidelines and taking part in them.





The Vice-Dean of Academic Organisation is responsible for those aspects related with plans of study and teaching, her main responsibilities include:  

  • Coordinating the bacherlor's courses of study and the plan of studies  that the faculty has. 
  • Planning the assessment calendar and the teaching activities. 
  • Coordinating the process of schedules for the teaching activities of the center, and introduce them to be approved by the Faculty Board. 
  • Coordinating development tasks, their dissemination and the assessment calendar control; which are based on the proposal of the different members that belong to the staff. 
  • Proposing to the Dean or the Faculty Board all the subjects that might be required or that are already established.





The Vice-Dean of Infrastructures and Spaces is responsible for:

  • Supervising, analyzing and managing the endowments and improvements of the infrastructures and equipments of the different areas (offices, rooms, meeting rooms, studios, furniture, audiovisual equipments...). 
  • Coordinating the booking of spaces, and the confirmation of applications in order to develop the regulated and non-regulated activities. 
  • Calling the Faculty Board's delegated committee of infrastructures and areas.






The Vice-Dean of International Relations and Internships deals with the aspects related with students and professors mobility through agreements with foreign universities. Also, he is in charge of the optional internships for students that are in their fourth year, through the agreements with companies. His functions are: 

  • Coordinating the Erasmus programme, the Spanish Institutions Mobility programme, and the International sections in order to promote agreements with foreign faculties, and the credit recognition and content.
  • Guiding and coordinating the internships in companies towards the knowledge the students have in their Bachelor of Fine Arts and Restoration. 
  • Coordinating the tasks proposed by international agreements and internships, so as to encourage students and professors. 
  • Proposing to the Dean or the Faculty Board matters related to his functions or matters that are normatively established.  
  • Keeping in touch with students who choose to go abroad. 
  • Mentoring and keeping track of student progress in their internships




The purpose of the Coordinator of Exhibition Activities is to encourage the exhibition activity of the students in order to promote the professional practice in the sphere of contemporary artistic creation; inside and outside of our building. By the same token, she would like to be present in all the cultural activities that could inspire our students outside the faculty. Her main objectives are: 

  • To facilitate several exhibition rooms in our faculty to hold expositions that show different aspects of creativity and to express the necessity of creative expression for our students. 
  • To make the activities known that are carried out in the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Restoration, and in the Master: Production & Idea. 
  • To offer the possibility to materialize the cultural and theoretical activities and to accomplish the practice-theory training thanks to the exhibitions.
  • To cooperate with the Student Union and to manage the cultural days, which are held yearly.
  • To promote the institutional cooperation with cultural entities from the city through the participation in important events.