Transferring of Records (Foreign Students)

The Foreign students who have passed more than 30 credits can apply for the admission to the Centre.

Where to apply 

At the Secretar's Office


Application Deadline

To continue undergraduate studies: from May 1st until July 31st.

To continue "Licenciatura" studies: from July 1st until 31st. (The transference of records will only be possible for those students who can "adapt"/recognise plans that are already expired) 



The Dean of the Center

The resolution shall exhaust the administrative process



Appeal for consideration by the Dean or Potestativo de Reposición ante el Rector or Administrative Litigation.



  • Application for the transference of records, standard form (Faculty of Fine Arts webpage).
  • Birth Certificate with the accreditation of nationality (Spanish students "DNI").
  • Academic Certificate that contains:
    • The courses the students has passed. 
    • Qualifications University System of the home country, indicating the minimum make the student needs to pass, and the scale used.   
    • Length of every course, number of weeks the semester has in his/her home country, and the number of theoretical/practical hours and equivalents. 
  • Plan of studies (original sealed)
  • Programme of the courses sealed, which explains the content of the courses. It must include the competences and knowledge of the subjects.

All the documentation must be official and translated into Spanish, and be sent by the competent authorities.  

Number of seats offered.


Bachelor of Fine Arts: 3

Bachelor of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage: 2


Legalisation of Documents

  • The legalisation must appear in the original document document before the realisation of the copy that will be notarised.  
  • It is not required the legalisation of documents sent by the countries that are members of the European Union or signatory to the European Economic Area Agreement. 
  • For more information click here

If the student does not have the Recognition of a minimum of 30 credits, he/she will have to do an entrance examination or and entrance of examination for students older than 25 years old, or the verification sent by the "UNED", and obtain a seat through the pre-enrolment.