European Title Supplement

Royal Ordinance 1044/2003, August 1st


It is the document that is attached to the diplomas, with the unified information, personalised for every student about the courses they have taken, the results, the professional skills acquired, and the educational national system of the diploma. 

The Diploma can be sent

to those who have obtained it from September 12th of 2003, for undergraduate student it can sent in Spanish and English. 

It does not apply for "Licenciados" of Fine Arts. Only Bachelor and Master.


The processing of the European Title Supplement  and the Official Title will be independent, but, it cannot be possible to apply for the European Title Supplement if the student has not applied for the Official Title previously.   


  • Application of the European Title Supplement at the Registrar's Office of the Center. 
  • The Academic Records will be checked. 
  • The paying-in lip of the European Title Supplement will be sent. 
  • The European Title Supplement draft will be sent to the student so he/she can check (during three working days) if all the information is correct. If not, he/she can submit the necessary arguments. 
  • The student has to give back the draft of the European Title Supplement, with his/her approval. 
  • Then, the rest of the documentation will be processed to the Central Services. 
  • Once it arrives to the Secretar's Office, the student will be notified. 

To Consider 

The European Title Supplement can be given with an permission. It is not required the power of attorney; however, it is required for the Official Tittle.

The European Title Supplement draft can not have a copy notarised, only the original because it is an official document.