Online Registration

Normative of the Online Registration of the University of Seville for Bachelor/Master 

Online Registration Procedure 

The registration process will be carried out through the Online Registration procedure. Students will have access though the Internet with their personal passwords, excluding: 

  • Mobility Students.
  • Students who transfer their academic records.
  • Students who have applied for the credit recognition.  
  • Students who has suffered the "stay norms". 
  • Visiting Students.

Limitations of the Online Registration 

New students.- Limits on the number of credits that are established by "Consejo de Gobierno Comunidad Autónoma".

The rest of the Students:

  • Full Course.- 60 European Credits.
  • Minimum amount of European.- 30 Credits.
  • Maxim Amount.- 90 credits. (This limitation does not affect the credits for the Internships or the Final Project). 
  • Minimum of 12 credits for those students catalogued as "special need". These students have to apply for this in the Centre, along with the documentation needed. The Centre will answer about the application.  


The students of the Bachelor can enroll in a course, if they also have enrolled themselves in the courses called "basic training" of inferior years, in case they have not passed these latter courses.

Nevertheless, there are courses that are established as "prerequisites" to pass previous courses. The students have to take into consideration that the right to examination and evaluation will be limited to the academic incompatibility, which come from the Plan of Studies.

Diploma Payment 

Once the student has payed for his/her diploma, he/she cannot enroll in optional course. In this way, his/her academic records will get "closed". 

Modification of the Registration 

The students can modify their Registration during the period they have established by the"Resolución anual de la Gerencia de la Universidad de Sevilla". After this period it won't be possible to change the Registration, unless the student wants to cancel or extent his/her Registration.  


Once the student has done his/her Online Registration, he/she will have to print "Formalisation of the Registration Form"  (“Impreso de formalización de matrícula”), after that he/she has to sign it and hand in at the Registrar's office within10 working days, along with the required documentation

New Students.- 1 photo (passport size), "Formalisation of the Registration Form", certified copy of the ID/Passport, High School Diploma or "access to the Bachelor", copy "access to University" ("Selectividad" card, Certificate of Higher Education, "older than 25", "older than 40/45", "Licenciado...), exemption to public rates (scholarships, "top marks", disabled people, orphans of civil servants or military officials), and transfer of academic records.  

The rest of the Students.- "Formalisation of the Registration Form" signed by the student and also, the required documentation. 

Documentation for Foreigners who want to enroll themselves in the Master 

Regular Documentation:

  • One photo, passport size.
  • Certified copy of the ID/Passport.
  • Registration form, completed and signed. 
  • Personal and statistical form, and direct debit. I
  • Scholarship Application (when applicable).
  • Accreditation of the way to"access" (Corresponding Title).
  • Bank Remittance for the transfer of Academic Records (when applicable). 

Recognition of Foreign Diplomas (In addition to the above)

  • Certified copy or original copy.
  • Official Recognition Form.
  • Certification of the academic title that allows the student to have access to the University. 

Foreign Diplomas issued by the European Higher Education Area (In addition to the "Regular Documentation"). 

  • Bachelor's Degree Diploma to have access to the Master or receipt.
  • Certification of the Academic Records that allows the student to study a master. 

Foreign Diplomas (Not officially approved): (In addition to the "Regular Documentation").  

  • Diploma to have access to the Master.
  • Certified copy of the personal academic certification.
  • Document that confirms the student can study a postgraduate study.  

All the documents must be translated into Spanish and authenticated by the agreements of the home country.