Transferring Records (Spanish Students)

The Spanish students who have passed more than 30 credits can apply for the admission to the Centre. 

Where to apply

At the Secretar's Office

Application Deadline 

To continue undergraduate studies: from May 1st until July 31st.

To continue "Licenciatura" studies: from July 1st until 31st. (The transference of records will only be possible for those students who can "adapt"/recognise plans that are already expired) 


The Dean of the Center

The resolution shall exhaust the administrative process


Appeal for consideration by the Dean or Potestativo de Reposición ante el Rector or Administrative Litigation.


  • Application for the transference of records, standard form (Faculty of Fine Arts webpage)
  • Personal Academic Certificate and the mark obtain to enter into the University.  
  • Plan of Studies signed by the home Centre.
  • Programme with the content of all the courses and their corresponding number of credits. 

Admission Criteria 

The acceptance of the transference of Academic Records will be according to the space availability:  

  • To have access to the Bachelor the mark to access to the University cannot be inferior to the mark of the corresponding year. 
  • Transfer of Residence.
  • The transfer of the applicant or the head of household (Social Security before July 31st of the corresponding year).
  • When the student has one or more siblings studying in the University of Seville. 
  • Accommodation Scholarship for "Colegio Mayor San Hermenegildo".

Number of seats offered

Bachelor of Fine Arts: 6

Bachelor of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage: 2


The transference of academic records entails that the students cannot finish his/her studies in his/her home University anymore (except the transference of academic records for simultaneity of studies).

The number of credits the student has passed will be recognised, in case the courses are similar to the competences acquired, and if the student wants he/she can try to transfer those credits.

Transference of Records, Master 

In case the student wants to study a master at the University of Seville, he/she will have to obtain a seat through the pre-enrolment.