Andreu-Lara, Carmen

CARMEN ANDREU-LARA (Cádiz, 1963) received her doctorate degree in Fine Arts at the University of Seville (1989), where she currently works as a Professor in the Painting Department. She lectures in the Bachelor of Fine Arts and the Master of Art: Idea & Production.  

She is the head researcher of the group HUM 841, Landscape Observatory, focusing on the Art as assessment tool, and the awareness of landscape. She has worked on this topic from the theoretical reflection standpoint, and works publishing articles and participating in conferences and meetings, along with continuing her artistic practice through the participation of exhibitions.  

In recent years, she has focused on the research of a methodology that facilitates the transdisciplinarity reading of landscape with the convergence of different disciplines such as geography and history. She also participates in the research team of "Cultural Landscapes of the Global Heritage List" project. Keys for the Identification and Criteria for the Management of Pastures, Iberian Areas, and Mediterranean Olive Trees. (CSO2015-65787-C6-6-P).

She is part of the Phd Programme of Art and Heritage.

Arjonilla Álvarez, María

MARÍA ARJONILLA ÁLVAREZ, received her doctorate degree at the University of Seville in 1993. She studied the "Licenciatura", specializing in Painting (1985) and Conservation-Restoration (1994).

Since the year 2002, she is a member of the PDI at the University of Seville. She is a professor of the Bachelor of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Bachelor of Archaeology, and the Master of Art: Idea and Production.

Through her professional career, she has collaborated with different public and private institutions in the management of exhibitions, publication, meeting, scientific symposium, and conservation and restoration projects.

She is part of the Heritage Committee at the University of Seville, and also, she is a member of the research group "SICA, pCultural+3i" (Patrimonio cultural: intervención, investigación, innovación) and the "Red de Ciencia y Tecnología para la Conservación del Patrimonio" (Tecnoheritage).


Arregui Pradas, Rocío

ROCÍO ARREGUI PRADAS (Osuna, Sevilla 1965) Visual Artist, Professor, and Research.

She received her doctorate degree in Fine Arts at the University of Seville in 2006. Currently, she is a professor in the Department of Drawing at the same University, and also a Professor of Plastic Arts in high schools (personal grounds at the moment), and a Professor of Learning Sciences. She is a collaborator at the "Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo" and "Anaya" publishing house in the elaboration of teaching resources. 

She is interested in the approach of nature, its cycles through art, and education as an engine of social change. She participates in collective exhibitions in Spain and abroad, and individual exhibitions like "Patio Community", at the CICUS, "Cubicaje", at the exhibition hall Guirigai, "Cartografías de afectos vegetales", at Neilson Gallery, "Plantae", "City Flowers", at the gallery Félix Gómez and the exhibition room Maravillas, "Metálica vegetal" at the art gallery Icaria, "Fulgor", at Vírgenes galleries, or the artistic installation "Sombras y réplicas", at the "Fundación Aparejadores". Selected works in help or contests as "Iniciarte", "Grúas Lozano" or "Arte de Mujeres". She has been published in magazines such as, The International Journal of the Arts in Society, API or Escuela Abierta, and has participated in communications and lectures in local and international congresses.



Bautista Durán, Antonio


Figurative Plastic Artist. Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics and Engraving.

First Files Promotion 1983-88.
Research Fellow 01/10/1989 - 30/10/1992.
PhD in Fine Arts 14/07/1994.
Associate Professor 01/11/1992 - 21/03/2002.
Responsible of the Research Group Hum 552 since 1997.
Professor 22/03/2002 - at present.
Director of the Department of Drawing11/04/2011 - 07/05/2015.
Vice-dean of International Relation and Internships 29/04/2015 - at present.
Director of 10 PhD dissertations.

Bernal, María del Mar

MARÍA DEL MAR BERNAL (Osuna, Sevilla 1966) Received her doctorate degree in Fine Arts at the University of Seville, after she finished her "licenciatura" in the Complutense University of Madrid. Currently, she is a Professor in the Department of Drawing, dedicating her services to teaching, artistic work, and research in the area of graphics. She is the author of the book "tecnicasdegrabado.es [visual diffusion of the printed graphic] (2013) and several chapters of books and articles in specialized magazines. Among the most recents stand out "El papel japonés para grabado" (Engraving and Edition), (2016) "El espanto del cura: la difusión del Libro de Artista en Internet". (LAMP. Cuadernos sobre el Libro. Complutense University of Madrid), "Los nuevos territorios de la gráfica: imagen, proceso y distribución". (Art, Individual and Society , 2016), "Grabado y Performance. La desobjetualización de la gráfica". (G&E, 2014). Between other conferences and contribution to congresses, her line of research generally focuses on aspects of entrepreneurship and  graphics (School of Art of Jerez, Córdoba and Catholic University of Chile 2014-2015), and the virtual resources to the non-formal learning of graphics. She is a researcher for the group HUM822: "Gráfica y Creación Digital", she is part of the PhD Programme Art and Heritage.  

Bilbao Peña, Daniel

DANIEL BILBAO PEÑA. Seville 1966. "Licenciado" in Fine Arts at the University of Seville in 1992.

As a Professor and Research: 

Associate Professor University of Sevilla since 1994 until 2002.

Professor University of Seville since 2002 until now.

Principal Research of the Group HUM-554 “Morfología de la Naturaleza”, in which he continuous working.

Research of the Excellence Project of the P.A.I.D.I.: “Archivo documental de percepciones y representaciones de paisajes andaluces". (P09-HUM-5382), led by Professor Ojeda.

"Rivera" of the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla) and current between 2011-2015.

He has attended conferences as a speaker and also, he has lectured conferences about his work and his research as a plastic artist, emphasizing the analysis of the morphological landscape as a surrounding of men, and the graphic and pictorial procedures of new wooden bases.

He is part of the Doctoral Programme Art and Heritage

As a Plastic Artist:

He has participated in 28 individual exhibitions in Madrid, Toledo, Orense, Santiago de Compostela, Pontevedra, Murcia, Huelva, Cádiz and Sevilla.

More than hundred collective exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and USA.

He has received 22 national and international awards.

One can find his work in Museums, organizations, and collections in Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, England, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic and USA.

His art is multifaceted, although the analysis of landscape as the human surrounded, the morphology of nature, and the architecture and human intervention is recurrent.