Petition for Issuance of Title


The students can apply for the Diploma once they have passed all the courses of their plan of studies. To check it, they can see their academic records through their personal profile in the official webpage of the University.


  • At the Secretar's Office.
  • It will be checked that the student has passed all his/her courses/credits that belong to his/her plan of studies. 
  • Paying-in slip. Once the student has payed this, he/she will have to hand in the following documentation:  
    • Application for the Diploma (Standardized application form).
    • ID copy / Passport. (Sealed) (Updated)
    • Sealed copy of the high school diploma or equivalent.
    • Paying-in slip, signed by the student, and payed.  
    • Envelope with the direction of the student (to communicate he/she has arrived).

Application e-mail via 

If the student cannot come to manage the administration process, he/she can do it following these instructions: 

  • He/she will apply for the email, so the Secretar's Office can send to his/her email the scan of paying-in slip (attached). In the email he/she must include his/her name, iD, complete address, phone number, and the certificates he/she may need.  
  • From the Secretar's Office it will start the process, and the paying-in slip will be sent to the email indicated by the student.  
  • The rest of the documentation has to be sent by regular mail to the Secretar's Office of the Faculty of Fine Arts (C/ Laraña nº 3, 41003 SEVILLA).

The Diploma 

Once the diploma arrives to the Secretar's Office, the student will be notified by letter that he/she can come to pick it up. It is essential to have the ID. The student must sign the diploma in the presence of a registrar. (It is recommended that the students revise their data in case there is any mistake).  

If the student cannot come to pick the diploma up 

  • Only a person who is authorized by power of attorney (Law July 8th 1988).
  • If the student lives in a different city or country he/she can apply for it to the Center the reference of Government Sub-delegation of the Provence or the Consular Office.