All the students will have access to their transcripts through their personal profile in the University of Seville webpage. 


  • At the Secretar's Office, standard form. 
  • The paying-in slip will be sent from the Secretar's Office to be paid at Banco de Santander.
  • They must be picked up within a period of not more than 5 working days, counting from the receipt of the paying-in slip. 


In case the student cannot apply for it personally, he/she must authorize in writing someone else, who has to identify himself/herself with his/her ID. 

The documents that has personal information will not be handed in to anybody who is not authorized by the student. (Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data).

Application email via

If the student cannot come to manage the administration process, he/she can do it following these instructions: :

  • He/she will apply for the email, so the Secretar's Office can send to his/her email the scan of paying-in slip (attached). In the email he/she must include his/her name, iD, complete address, phone number, and the certificates he/she may need. 
  • From the Secretar's Office it will start the process, and the paying-in slip will be sent to the email indicated by the student.  
  • Once the Secretar's Office has received the paying-in slip, sealed by the bank and signed by the student. They will process the certificate, which will be sent to the direction given by the student. 


It is recommended that the students revise the information when they come to pick up the documents, in case there is some mistake. They can inform the to the Secretar's Office to fix the problem.