Student Union

Student Union's Members 2016-17

  • Alicia Macías Recio (DELEGATED OF THE CENTER)
  • Alejandra Lupión Bretones
  • Alejandro Sánchez Magriñán
  • Carlos Guerrero Ponce
  • María Alcalá Franco
  • Olga Albillos Castillo
  • Marco Tejero Álvarez
  • José Tejada Orquín



Faculty of Fine Art's Student Union invite to all the members of this big family to participate in the management of our Centre. For that purpose, we keep working actively so that all the students keep the representation that we deserve in the different governing bodies. Yo have all the information in the different sections of this webpage. Our engagement is specified in the following sector: 
  • Students Union 
  • CADUS  (Consejo de Alumnos de la Universidad formado por el conjunto de Delegaciones de Alumnos de los Centros) ("University Student's Board formed by the group of all the Student Unions of the University") 
  • University Composition 
  • Centre Board of the faculty and Delegate Committees 
  • Departmental Student's Council  and committee of each Department (Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture and History of Art Departments)  
  • Delegates of the Academic Year and Group

Activities organised by the Student Union

Besides participating in the management bodies of the Faculty, along the academic year we try to organise several activities that add knowledge to our training, and to all the students that we represent: 

  •  Arco Trip

Every year it is organised a trip to the "Contemporary Art Fair" of Madrid (Arco). We consider that this is a great opportunity to get to know the works of several artist (worldwide recognition) in the Contemporary Art world. Simultaneously, it is the perfect occasion to get closer to what it is been doing nowadays, and to visit different galleries of Madrid.   

  • Cultural Days 

Every academic year we try to organise Cultural Days dedicated to different cultural activities suggested by students and professor of the Faculty (talks, meeting, concerts, workshops, etc.)

  • Collaboration with the Culture Room in the workshops' management