PhD Dissertations - Department of Drawing


Title: Humour in the Contemporary Art: Key Creation, Communication and Syntax 

Doctoral Student: D. Florencio Javier Arias Malave

Directors:  D. Manuel Losada López  and D. Fernando Martín Martín

Date: 10/02/2016


Title: Meaningful Connection between Colour and Body: a spiritual dynamic for the artistic expression

Doctoral Student: Dª. María de la Caridad Jiménez Delgado

Director:  D. Jaime Gil Arévalo

Date: 08/02/2016


Title: The Screen Printing Procedures of José Luis Pajuelo.

Doctoral Student: D. Sebastián Berlanga Reyes

Director:  D. Antonio Bautista Durán

Date:  08/02/2016


Title: Drawing and Design of Exhibition Rooms: a vision of graphic art for the communication of the current culture 

Doctoral Student: Dª. Patricia Alonso Arroba

Directors:  Dª. Rita del Río Rodríguez and Dª. Mª Luisa Vadillo Rodríguez

Date:  05/02/2016


Title: Graphic Design: Socio-Cultural Mirror by Visual Language. The Evolution of Packaging of the Tobacco Company. 

Doctoral Student: Dª. Inmaculada Peña Cáceres

Directors:  D. Justo García Girón and Dª. María del Mar Bernal Pérez

Date: 04/02/2016


Title: Typographical Semiotics Approach. Keys to the relation between message and shape in the micro-typography and macro-typography.  

Doctoral Student: D. Francisco Javier Navarro Moragas

Directors:  D. Justo García Girón and D. Jaime Gil Arévalo

Date: 03/02/2016


Title:  Francisco García Gómez: The obsession for perfection. From the daydream in his life to his artistic work.  

Doctoral Student: D. José María Méndez Rodríguez

Director:  D. Jaime Gil Arévalo

Date: 03/02/2016


Title: The Empty Museum.

Doctoral Student: Dª. Susana Solís Zara

Director:  Dª. María del Mar García Ranedo

Date: 29/01/2016


Title: The Abstraction of Natural Landscape in Photography.  Photographers and contemporary artists, and personal artistic contributions. 

Doctoral Student: Dª.  Adoración Fernández Aguilar

Director:  D. Antonio Bautista Durán

Date:  29/01/2016


Title: Ephemeral Universe. Dialogue between the commercial showcase design and the artistic intervention.  

Doctoral Student: D. Fernando Silva Retamal

Director:  D. Manuel Fernando Mancera Máquez

Date: 19/01/2016




Title: Canon and style of the human body in display advertisement.  

Doctoral Student: D. Ramón Sánchez Pérez de Lara

Director: D. Antonio Bautista Durán

Date: 13/11/2015


Title: Under an Unknown Sun: László Hudec, Antonin Raymond and the construction of modern architecture in East Asia.  

Doctoral Student: Dª Anamaría Andreea Anghel

Director: Dª María Pilar García Fernández

Date: 23/11/2015


Title: Morphology and concepts of graphic landscape in art. 

Doctoral Student: D. José Ávila Cabeza de Vaca

Director:  D. Antonio Bautista Durán

Date: 04/05/2015


Title: Anatomy for dancing. The expression of drawing through movement. 

Doctoral Student: Dª. Lidia López Gallot

Director:  D. Gonzalo Martínez Andrades

Date: 29/04/2015


Title: Francisco Pedraja Muñoz: Painting in Badajoz during the second half of the 20th Century. 

Doctoral Student: D. Zacarías Calzado Almodovar

Director: D. Juan José Gómez de la Torre

Date: 09/04/2015




Title: Support Pedagogical System of Support for teaching geometry at the Faculty of Fine Arts. 

Doctoral Student: D. Víctor Serra Lara

Director: D. Alfredo Aguilar Gutiérrez

Date: 2014


Title: Gargolarium: visual guide of iconographic and iconological learning of the statuary of gargoyles in Spain and surroundings.  

Doctoral Student: D. José Luis González Munuera

Director:  D. Manuel Márquez Ortiz

Date:  10/10/2014


Title: Morphology of the genuine emotional expression and self-managed in the human countenance. Synthesis and obtaining new expressive and creative registers through morphing interpollation.

Doctoral Student: D. Rafael Martín Hernández

Director: D. Antonio Bautista Durán

Date: 26/09/2014



Title: The School in Ayamonte: graphic testimony during the half of the 20th Century. Landscape context, characteristics and artistic contributions. 

Doctoral Student: Dª Ana Teresa Rodríguez Haldón

Director:  Dª Rita del Río Rodríguez

Date:  16/05/2014


Title: Morphology and concepts of graphic landscape in art. 

Doctoral Student: D. José Ávila Cabeza de Vaca

Director: D. Antonio Bautista Durán

Date: 04/05/2014


Title: The design of "bread signs", shapes and graphic arts within Spain and Guadalajara (Mexico). 19th and 20th Century.  

Doctoral Student: Dª. Dora Luisa Carvalho Cordeiro da Ponte

Director: D. Jaime Gil Arévalo

Date:  28/03/2014


Title: Pedro Ramírez Pazos, design and construction of the contemporary nativity scene. The graphic recursiveness of the representative in the secular compositions of the nativity scene. 

Doctoral Student: D. Bruno Díaz Ríos

Director: D. Manuel F. Mancera Martínez.

Date:  25/02/2014


Title: The tiny drama: poetic of the flowers and birds in the Japanese artistic imaginary. 

Doctoral Student: D. Francisco Javier Ruiz Carrasco

Director:  Dª. María del Pilar García Fernández

Date: 13/02/14


Title:Plastic analysis of  Bomarzo of Manuel Mújica Laínez

Doctoral Student: D. Raúl Manuel Jiménez Toral

Director:  D. Diego Blázquez Pacheco

Date:  24/01/2014


Title: The personal caricature in relation to the graphic humor: classifications, interrelations and differences.  

Doctoral Student: D. Antonio Povedano Marrugat

Director:  D. Ignacio Cortés Martínez

Date: 17/01/2014




Title: Creation of a flipbook with educational tools. Methodological contribution for the efficient study of the multiview orthographic projection. 

Doctoral Student: D. Fernando Mateo Carballo

Director:  D. Antonio Bautista Durán

Date: 15/11/2013


Title: ElThe contemporary engraving in Taiwan and Spain. Comparative study.  

Doctoral Student: Dª Shu Chuan Lee

Director:  Dª. Mª del Pilar García Fernández

Date: 23/07/13


Title: The drawing as a distinguishing mark of the andalusian artists from the new Madrid Figuration of the 70s. Influences of the British pop. 

Doctoral Student: D. Fernando Sáez Prada

Director:  Dª. Luz Marina Salas Acosta

Date: 4/06/2013




Title: Antonio Zambrana Lara, professor and painter Technique and procedures within the Sevillian Realism in the last quarter of the 20th Century. 

Doctoral Student: D. Gustavo Domínguez Moreno

Director: D. Juan Antonio Huguet Pretel

Date: 2012



Title:  The grey matter as a plastic material through the photographic art. 

Doctoral Student:  D. Antonio Falcón Neyra

Director: D. Manuel Fernando Mancera Martínez

Date: 27/09/2012


Title: The three books of Seville's tower. Study and graphic development of a big project.

Doctoral Student:  D. Jorge Quintana Palma

Director: Dª. Rita del Río Rodríguez

Date: 06/09/2012


Title: EPaper as foundation and generating matrix of new images through the shadows. 

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Carmen Salazar Pera

Director: D. Manuel Ángel Castro Cobos

Date: 24/07/2012



Title: Chronicles of tattos: body art. 

Doctoral Student:  Dª.Virginia Rodríguez Gutiérrez

Director: D. Antonio Bautista Durán

Date: 27/11/2011


Title: The other side of the mirror: an approach to Bathus' drawings.  

Doctoral Student:  D. José María Rodríguez González

Directors: D. Daniel Bilbao Peña y D. Juan Martínez Moro

Date: 26/07/2011


Title: From Regionalism to Globalisation. The process of the homonegisation of art. 

Doctoral Student:  Dª. María del Carmen Vaquero Cañestro

Director: Rita del Río Rodriguez

Date: 25/01/2011




Title: About light and graphic art (an artistic proposal in relation to its interrelations)  

Doctoral Student: Dª Áurea Muñoz-del-Amo

Director: Dª María Teresa Carrasco Gimena

Date: 2010

Honour: European PhD and prize for best doctorate student


Title: The shape in different spaces. The interaction of the space non-illusionist with the figurative form. Study through certain manifestations of the sculptural relief and other arts.  

Doctoral Student:  D. José Pedro Aznárez López

Director: Dª. Rita del Río Rodriguez

Date: 23/11/2010


Title: Empirical and methodological study of the drawing as a germ in the creative process; the sketch and the project as tool of ideas. 

Doctoral Student:  D. Jesús Algovi González Villegas

Director: D. Jaime Gil Arévalo

Date: 11/11/2010

Honour: Prize for best doctorate student





Title: Considerations about the absence of drawing in the commercial design methodologies: from theory to practice. 

Doctoral Student:  D. Rafael Llompart Machuca

Director: D. Jaime Gil Arévalo

Date: 17/12/2009


Title: Graphic perceptive Juan de Arce. Analysis and importance of his artistic theory about the human body. 

Doctoral Student:  D. José Luis Crespo Fajardo

Director: D. Antonio Bautista Durán

Date: 13/11/2009




Title: Symbolic roots and microcosm in the drawing of human proportions of Diego de Sagredo

Doctoral Student:  D. José María García Fuentes

Director: D. Antonio Bautista Durán

Date: 21/11/2008


Title: Holography in the contemporary art.

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Rocío García Robles

Director: Dª. María Teresa Carrasco Gimena

Date: 20/09/2008

Honour: Doctorado europeo


Title: Comparation between the Arauca art (Cuba) and the Bijagó art (Guinea-Bissau)

Doctoral Student:  Dª. María Eduarda de Sousa Coutinho

Director: Dª. Rita del Río Rodríguez

Date: 27/06/2008


Title: Relation between the graphic and pictorial work of Luis María de Lojendio

Doctoral Student:  D. Juan Bosco Lojendio Osborne

Director: D. Jaime Gil Arévalo

Date: 28/03/2008


Title: Stanley Willian Hayter, or the innovation of modern engraving. 

Doctoral Student:  D. Ming Yi Chou

Director: Dª. Gema Climent Camacho

Date: 24/04/2008


Title: Holograpgy in the contemporary art. 

Doctoral Student: Dª Rocío García Robles

Director: Dª María Teresa Carrasco Gimena

Date: 26/09/2008




Title: The function of Graphic Design in the society of new technologies. To be a designer in Andalusia.  

Doctoral Student: D. Enrique López Marín

Director: D. Justo García Girón

Date: 06/07/2007




Title: The teaching of contemporary art through the drawing of the secondary education.   

Doctoral Student: Dª Rocío Arregui-Pradas

Directors: D. Juan Carlos Arañó Gisbert y María del Mar Bernal

Date: 2006


Title: The grotto of the Comarca de La Loma proportion and aesthetic qualities in the first half of five hundred.  

Doctoral Student: D. José Rodríguez Expósito 

Director: D. Juan José Gómez de la Torre

Date: 2006




Title: Possibilities of stucco and transference as a new technique and/or pictorial procedures.  

Doctoral Student: D. José Antonio Rosa García 

Director: D. Manuel Sánchez Arcenegui

Date: 2005




Title: Crisis and Survival of the human body in the contemporary painting.  

Doctoral Student: D. Fernando García García

Directors: D. Antonio Agudo Tercero y Antonio Zambrana Lara

Date: 25/10/2014


Title: Interior Wall Decoration through history  

Doctoral Student: D. Manuel Fernando Mancera Martínez

Director:  Dª Rita del río Rodríguez

Date: 14/07/2004




Title: The flow of action art, the artistic career Esther Ferrer

Doctoral Student: Dª María Teresa Rodríguez Sunico

Director: D. Manuel Álvarez Fijo 

Date: 2001




Title: Drawing under the influence of music 

Doctoral Student: Dª Matilde Avelli Matamoros

Director: D. Jaime Gil Arévalo

Date: 19/07/2000




Title: From the planographic printing procedures to three-dimensional in the mixed techniques of stamping: Lithography and Engraving  

Doctoral Student: Dª María Teresa Carrasco Gimena

Director: D. Manuel Manzorro Pérez

Date: 22/02/1999




Title: Manuel Vigil Escalera y Díaz : painter and ceramist: 1885-1938

Doctoral Student: D. Fernando Vigil-Escalera y Pacheco

Directors: D. María José García del Moral and Mora, Rita del Río Rodríguez

Date: 08/07/1997




Title:  The Evolution of the Graphic Symbol in the Mediterranean Culture 

Doctoral Student: D. Juan Manuel González calderón

Director: D. Jaime Gil Arévalo

Date: 27/10/1995




Title: El The Canon in Art. Rules and Prescriptions around the Human Body. 

Doctoral Student: D. Antonio Bautista Durán

Director: D. Gonzalo Martínez Andrade

Date: 12/07/1994




Title: Structural Analysis of the Plastic Representation of Dynamics. An approach to the historical evolution of the expression of the art movement. 

Doctoral Student: Dª M.J. Agudo Martínez

Director: D. Francisco Borras Verdera

Date: 20/06/1993


Title: Application of the stereoscope in the graphical representation.

Doctoral Student: D. Alfredo Aguilar Gutiérrez

Director: D. Manuel Álvarez Fijo

Date: 04/06/1993




Title: Permanence and Validity of the Baroque Shapes and Principles of the Sevillian Sculptures of religious images during the 20th Century.

Doctoral Student: D. Juan Abascal Fuentes


Date: 10/08/1982