García García, Fernando

FERNANDO GARCÍA GARCÍA, received his doctorate degree at the University of Seville,  and has been the recipient of the End of University Studies National Prize by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Extraordinary Doctorate Award. Since his appointment as Intern of Teacher Training, he has continued to investigate for the group HUM-447, which has circulated content throughout different publications in journal articles, especialised magazines, as well as monograph publications, books, books chapter and contributions to national and international congresses. This research activity has been alternated with training placements in centers like the National Portrait Gallery in London, the "Centro de Artes da Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina" in Brazil, the University of Murcia and the "Universidad de Mimar Sinam" in Istanbul.   

His line of research and creation focus on the presences of the body in contemporary art, the portrait as a recurrent practise, the teaching of drawing, and the recuperation and reinterpretation of the iconographic heritage.  

Currently, he is a lecturer in the Department of Drawing, courses linked to the study of the human body as "Dibujo del Natural", "Anatomía" and "Morfología" or the course "Desnudo, Retrato y Construcción de Identidad" of the Master of Art: Idea & Production,a degree that he has coordinated since 2010 to 2017. He is part of the Doctorate Programme of Art and Heritage.