Lara-Barranco, Paco

PACO LARA-BARRANCO was born in Torredonjimeno (Jaén), 1964.

Painter and Permanent Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Seville.  

He teaches his students the motto of "teach to learn" before "convey knowledge". The basis of his educational framework lies in getting to know the interests of every student in order to promote the development of their personal project. He believes that in the classroom collaborative work is essential, because it is where the students can speak in public and generate a discussion. These discussions and collaborations are essential in discovering topics for personal research, which are very serious for the students. "Intuition + Instinct" are key factors to answer questions like: What to do?, How to do it? and, Why to do it?.

His research activity is tied to the key words: painting, fate, conceptual art, and postmodern art. 

His artistic production, independently of the means used—painting, object found, photography, performance, facilities - are determined by a doble purpose: to promote autonomous nature and to show the passing of time.