León-Río, Belén

BELÉN LEÓN-RÍO University of Sevilla. Faculty of Fine Arts. Department of Sculpture and Plastic Art History.

Research Group: "Técnicas del Bronce"

Project: "Colada Automática de Procedimiento Eutéctico en la Fundición Artística" (P07-HUM-02497 - Research)

Doctor (1996) in Fine Arts and "Licenciada" specializing in "Sculpture" and "Restoration and Conservation" at the University of Seville, where she works as a professor. She has presented in different organization, institutions and galleries, wining several prizes. As a writer and research, she would take into consideration 5 books related with the psychology of the artist, as well as 6 articles in scientific magazines;

  • "Bellas Artes" nº 3, (2005). ISSN 1645-761X.
  • "Arte Individuo y Sociedad" nº 21, (2009). ISSN 1131-5598.
  • "Creatividad y Sociedad" nº 22, (2014). ISSN 1887-7370.
  • "Barcelona Research Art Creation", Vol. 3 nº 1, (2015), http://dx.doi.org/10.4471/brac.2015.03 ISSN 2014-8992.
  • "Arte y Ciudad", nº 7 (2015).  e-ISSN: 2254-7673.
  • "Aspakía" nº 29; (2016), 63-74 - ISSN: 1132-8231, http://dx.doi.org/10.6035/Asparkia.2016.29.5