Requirements and Documentation

The Students who have a "Licenciatura" or a Bachelor of Fine Arts, are given priority access to the Master of Art: Idea and Production. Also the graduates who had studied a Bachelor related with Fine Arts, like Communication, Architecture, Aesthetics (Philosophy), Art History, etc. However, they will be conditioned by the vacancies left after the evaluation of the students who are given priority access.

The courses of the Master are taught in Spanish, therefore, the foreign students must confirm that they can speak the language. They will have to submit the necessary documentation to prove this. 

This requirement is essential to submit the corresponding documentation to the assessment criteria, that belongs to the selection criteria:

-Academic Records 

- Dossier of Work of Art in the format attached.

- Currículum vitae, differentiating between: 

Relevant Further Training for Research and Languages  

Artistic and Professional Experience according to the content of the Master 

Other merits related with the Master 

The documentation will be submitted in PDF format through the application "Distrito Único Universitario de Andalucía" (, while the student is fulfilling his/her application.