PhD Dissertations - Department of Painting



Title: Metamorphosis in monumental architecture of Cadiz: the restoration procedures of the castles of the province of Cadiz facing the implementation of the intervention criteria in immovable properties. 

Doctoral Student:  D. Antonio Jesús Sánchez Fernández

Director:  Dª. María Arjonilla Álvarez

Date: 10/02/2016


Title: Study of the utility of the illustration in the educational sphere through the methodological proposal based on the selected art of Andalusian illustrators. 

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Ana Cristina Paradas González.

Director:  D. Alberto Mañero Gutierrez.

Date: 09/02/2016


Title: Professor don Francisco Arquillo Torres, contemporary reference of the conservation and restoration of work of arts in Spain. 

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Aránzazu Nava Arquillo.

Director:  D. David Arquillo Avilés.

Date: 09/02/2016


Title: Conservation through the documentation of the contemporary painting in the Caribbean: methodology applied to the work of Myrna Báez.

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Irene Esteves Amador

Directors:  Dª. María Arjonilla Álvarez and Dª. Mercedes Trellez Hernández

Date: 09/02/2016


Title: The other side of the window: cultural references in the work of  Gerardo Delgado.

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Erika Espinosa de los Monteros Clavijo

Director:  Dª. Carmen Andreu Lara

Date: 05/02/2016


Title: Study and Cataloging of the works of the 18th Century made by the engraver Francisco Ruiz Amador.

Doctoral Student:  Dª. María del Carmen Vega Vera

Directors:  D. David Arquillo Avilés and D. Francisco Arquillo Torres

Date: 03/02/2016


Title: The portrait as a pictorical text: language, gesture and signs in the Sevillian painting at the end of the 19th Century and the middle of the 20th Century.

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Josefa Galván Díez

Director:  Dª. María José García del Moral y Mora

Date: 20/01/2016




During this year there was not any Dissertation at the Department of Painting. 



Title: María Magdalena, from eyewitness to icon of penitence in the painting from the 14th until the 17th Century. 

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Beatriz Sánchez Morillas

Director:  D. José Luis Molina González

Date: 19/09/14


Title: Ancient fund and historical archive of the library of the University of Seville. A preventative conservation plan adapted to the conservative and functional needs.  

Doctoral Student: D. Daniel Cano Arroyo

Director:  Dª María José González López

Date: 11/07/14


Title:  Choir book: methodology for its management, conservation and value through network tools. 

Doctoral Student: Dª. Elena Vázquez Jiménez.

Director:  D. Javier Bueno Vargas

Date: 7/02/2014




Title:  History and expansion of the hand-made paper and current state of the development of the traditional paper mills in Taiwan. 

Doctoral Student: D. Chia-Chi Chen

Director:  D. Juan Francisco Cárceles Pascual

Date: 15/10/2013


Title:  The brocade applied in Aragon: sources, typologies, and technical aspects. 

Doctoral Student: Dª. María del Camino Roberto Amieva

Director:  Dª. Marina Mercado Hervás

Date: 20/09/13


Title: Ocaña, artist countercultural myth. Analysis of the figure and the artistic legacy of José Pérez Ocaña (1.947-1.983), as testimony and sociocultural product of the Spanish transition. 

Doctoral Student: D. José Naranjo Ferrari

Director:  Dª. Carmen Andreu Lara

Date: 18/09/13


Title: Comparative Study of the religious sculpture representations between Taiwan and Spain. Techniques, materials and concepts. 

Doctoral Student:  D. Yin-Chun Wu

Director:  D. Joaquín Arquillo Torres

Date: 11/01/2013




Title:  Principles of teaching methodology of drawing and painting in a initial phase.

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Noemí Sánchez-Carralero Carabías

Directors:  D. Antonio Zambrana Lara and D. Julio Alberto Martín Martín

Date: 19/12/2012


Title:  The disappearance of the firm in the Andalusian contemporary painting at the beginning of the 19th Century.  

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Rocío Aguilar Nuevo

Director: D. Francisco J. Lara-Barranco

Date: 11/12/2012


Title: The creative destruction. Analysis of the destruction aspects as a tool of the creative process in the Spanish painting during the post-war. Antoni Tápies, Manolo Millares and Antonio Saura

Doctoral Student: D. José Manuel García Perera

Director: Dª. Carmen Andreu Lara

Date: 17/07/2012


Title: Antonio Zambrana Lara, professor and painter. Technique and procedures within the Sevillian Realism during the final quarter of the 20th Century. 

Doctoral Student:  D. Gustavo Domínguez Moreno

Director: D. Juan Francisco Cárceles Pascual

Date: 10/07/2012


Title:The Globalisation phenomenon in art. Contemporary art in Taiwan.

Doctoral Student:  D. Sow-Wei Chang

Director: D. Juan Francisco Cárceles Pascual

Date: 15/05/2012




Title: Conservation-Restoration of the ceramic materials applied to architecture.

Doctoral Student:  D. Juan José Lupión Álvarez

Directors: Dª. María Arjonilla Álvarez and D. Pedro José Sánchez Soto

Date: 20/11/2011


Title: Comparative Study of the polychrome applied to sculpture free-standing in wood during the 15th to the 18th Century in Antequera, Málaga: ornamental motifs and techniques. 

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Beatriz Prado Campos

Director: Dª. María José González López

Date: 27/05/2011


Title: From the artificial perspective to the natural vision in the work of Antonio López García. Analysis about the spatial representation systems and methodologies.  

Doctoral Student:  D. David Serrano León

Director: Dª. Carmen Andreu Lara

Date: 15/03/2011


Title: The Roman Parietal Technique. Analysis of the Roman wall technical procedure in the Mount Vesuvius area.  

Doctoral Student:  D. Eduardo Jesús Millán Sañudo

Director: D. Juan Francisco Cárceles Pascual

Date: 20/10/2011


Title: The Influence of the Spanish contemporary realistic painting in the current realism in Taiwan. Comparative Study.  

Doctoral Student:  D. Cheng-Wei Chou

Director: D. Juan Francisco Cárceles Pascual

Date: 02/02/2011




Title: The influence of Zen in the Informalism of  Tàpies

Doctoral Student:  D. Chieh-Yi Chen

Directors: Dª. María José García del Moral and Mora y D. Millán García Toral

Date: 23/07/2010




Title: The "teriomórficos" symbols in the Mesoamerica art: Mayan, Olmec and Teotihuacan.

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Norma Escoto Cortés

Director: D. Antonio Agudo Tercero

Date: 3/06/2009




Title: The Woman as a theme in the Occidental pictorial representation. Feminine image vs Masculine image. From the end of the 19th Century until the 70s in the 20th Century.  

Doctoral Student:  Dª. María Luisa Benéytez Maesa

Director: D. Antonio Agudo Tercero

Date: 15/10/2008




Title: The manufacture of amate paper by Otomi aboriginals. A vehicle of religious and cultural content.  

Doctoral Student:  D. Óscar Alonso Barrón

Director: D. Francisco J. Lara-Barranco

Date: 30/04/2007



Title: The house of the artist of Seville: culture and school of art of the Sevillian art since 1850 until 1980

Doctoral Student:  Dª María Dolores Zambrana Vega

Director: D. Juan Francisco Cárceles Pascual

Date: 2007




Title: Study of the agents of deterioration that affect the wall painting: a methodology for the evaluation of conservation of the conservation status.  

Doctoral Student:  Dª Carmen Román Sánchez

Director: D. Francisco Arquillo Torres

Date: 2005


Title: Reflection on the educational thought of the plastic arts: project towards a renovated teaching. 

Doctoral Student:  D. Antonio García Villarán

Director: D. Manuel Álvarez Fijo

Date: 07/04/2005


Title: Tradition in the Biblical work of Marc Chagall

Doctoral Student:  Dª Esperanza Galindo Ocaña

Director: D. Alberto Mañero Gutiérrez

Date: 29/04/2005




Title: Crisis and Survival of the human body in the contemporary painting.  

Doctoral Student:  D. Fernando García García 

Directors: D. Antonio Agudo Tercero and Antonio Zambrana Lara

Date: 25/10/2004




Title: Javier de Winthuysen Painter and gardener (1874–1956)

Doctoral Student:  Dª Cristina Aymerich Ojea

Director: D. Gerardo Pérez Calero

Date: 29/06/2001


Title: Mediators in art and their Influence in the Sevillian Contemporary Painting. 1975-1995

Doctoral Student:  D. Jesús Expósito Aragón

Director: D. Antonio Zambrana Lara 

Date: 23/03/2001




Title: Games and Creativity: Study about the the possibilities to encourage the Artistic Creativity through the Playful Teaching.  

Doctoral Student:  Dª Mayalen Piqueras Calero

Director: D.  Juan Carlos Arañó Gisbert

Date: 21/09/1996




Title: Dyestuffs used in the Roman period, through the classical texts: the mineral pigments. 

Doctoral Student:  Dª María Arjonilla Álvarez 

Director: D. Juan Francisco Cárceles Pascual

Date: 16/07/1993


Title: The Aesthetics of the Post-modernity in Seville. About the magazine "Figura" (1983-1986)

Doctoral Student:  D. Paco Lara-Barranco

Director: D. Antonio Zambrana Lara 

Date: 28/05/1993




Title: The Wall Painting of the 16th Century, in the Convent of Santa Inés of Seville

Doctoral Student:  Dª Marina Sofía Mercado Hervás 

Director: D. Francisco Arquillo Torres 

Date: 28/09/1992


Title: The landscape of Alcalá de Guadaira in the Sevillian painting during the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th Century: the School of Escuela de Alcalá de Guadaira.

Doctoral Student:  D. Juan Antonio Palomo Reina

Director: D. Miguel Gutiérrez Fernández 

Date: 12/06/1992 


Title: Study of the painting preparations about Fabric backing and Table Stand. Characterisation of the main components, performance and deterioration factors.

Doctoral Student:  Dª María-José González-López

Director: D. Francisco Arquillo López

Date: 16/07/1992


Title: Technical Study of the Sevillian  Artistic Fabrics. The conservation status and optimal conditions of maintenance.

Doctoral Student:  Dª María Dolores Díaz Alcaide

Director: Dª Rogelia Hernández Palma

Date:  10/04/1992


Title: Indication Palpitations

Doctoral Student:  Dª Françoise Gontard

Director: D. Miguel Gutiérrez Fernández

Date: 09/07/1992 




Title: Sculptural work of Carmen Jiménez Serrano

Doctoral Student:  D. Evaristo Márquez Contreras

Director: D. Juan Abascal Fuentes

Date: 05/07/1991


Title: Material and technical analysis of stucco in the wall painting: the stucco lustro

Doctoral Student:  D. Juan Manuel Calle González

Director: D. José Antonio García Ruiz

Date: 21/06/1991


Title: Processes and Creation in Painting: The Predominance of Colour in a Videocomputerized Educational Project.  

Doctoral Student:  D. Alberto Mañero Gutiérrez

Director: D. Antonio Zambrana Lara

Date: 12/11/1991


Title: Fabric as the bracket of Painting 

Doctoral Student:  Dª Carmen Andreu-Lara

Director: D. Juan Francisco Cárceles Pascual

Date: 09/07/1991




Title: Socio-religious aspects in the conservation of the Marian Sculpture Representation that influence three medieval representative images. 

Doctoral Student:  D. Joaquín Arquillo Torres

Director: D. Francisco Arquillo Torres

Date: 1989




Title: Artistic Exploration to develop of the religious paintings in two pictorial procedures: a) Easel Painting. b) Wall Painting. 

Doctoral Student:  D. Francisco Maireles Vela

Director: D. 

Date: 1982