PhD Dissertations - Department of Sculpture and Plastic Arts History (Plastic Arts History)




Title: Eugenio hermoso, an Utopian in Madrid

Doctoral Student:  D. Rodrigo Vargas Nogales

Director: Dª Mercedes Espiau Eizaguirre

Date: 13/01/2017




Title: The Sculptor José Alarcón Santa-Cruz.

Doctoral Student:  D. Juan J. Alarcón Bocanegra

Director: D. José Mª Sánchez Sánchez

Date: 18/03/2016


Title:  The academic drawings collections (18th and 19th Century) of the University of Seville: History and Conservation.

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Virginia Sosa Ortiz

Director: Dª. Mª Fernanda Morón de Castro

Fecha de lectura: 05/02/2016


Title:  Alejo Fernández and the Sevillian painting during the first third of the 17th Century. 

Doctoral Student:  D. Juan A. Gómez Sánchez

Director: D. Alfonso Pleguezuelo Hernández

Date: 05/02/2016


Title:  The influence of world exhibitions and the first ethnographic museums in the creation of contemporary artists.   

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Mª del Carmen Carmona Huelva

Director: Dª. Mª Fernanda Morón de Castro

Date: 04/02/2016


Title:  History about sculpture techniques of plaster and its conservation and restoration. Case studies: the collection of the School of Art and the collection of the University of Seville.  

Doctoral Student:  D. Manuel Pedro Franco Rufino

Director: Dª. Mª Fernanda Morón de Castro

Date: 03/02/2016




Title: Approachable interpretation of Art geared towards visual impaired people: a process of participatory design and multi-sensorial with the audience.

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Adelaida Castro Navarrete

Directors: Dª. Mª Dolores Ruiz de Lacanal and Dª. Gloria Angélica Martínez de la Peña

Date: 13/11/2015


Title: The altered landscape paisaje: a multidisciplinary approach through the contemporary photography.  

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Mª Antonia Blanco Arroyo

Director: D. Luis F. Martínez Montiel

Date: 10/06/2015


Title: Contextualized identity-identities. Pilar Albarracín and Voluspa Jarpa.

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Rocío Espejo Fernández

Director: Dª. Mercedes Espiau Eizaguirre

Date: 08/06/2015


Title: Valuation of the pictorial work of Alonso Cano: "Study of his identity and originality".

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Alexandra García Pérez

Director: Dª. María Fernanda Morón de Castro

Date: 18/05/2015




Title: The worlds of the artist Luis García-Ochoa.

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Pilar Monge Gómez

Directors: Dª. Gema Climent Camacho and D. José Mª Sánchez

Date: 21/07/2014


Title: The conservation of the personal properties of the convents from Jerez de la Frontera since the confiscation of 1835 until now.  

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Alejandra Herrera-Picazo Espinar

Director: Dª. Mª Dolores Ruiz de Lacanal

Date: 04/04/2014


Title: Current situation of the reverse spaces in the contemporary art institution. A specific proposal. 

Doctoral Student:  Dª. karla Arteaga García

Director: Dª. Mª Fernanda Morón de Castro

Date: 27/02/2014




Title: The retable of Jerez de la Frontera during the 18th Century. 

Doctoral Student:  D. José Manuel Moreno Arana

Directors: Dra. Dª Esperanza de los Ríos Martínez and Dr. D. Francisco Javier Herrera García

Tutor: Dr. D José María Sánchez Sánchez

Date: 11/12/2012




Title: The Cathedral of Sevilla. Origins of its museum consideration and asset management during the 19th Cenutury and the first half of the 20th Century through the Cathedral Archives. 

Doctoral Student:  Dª Ana Galán Pérez.

Director: Dra. Dª Mª Dolores Ruiz de Lacanal

Date: 11/07/2011


Title: The carpentry of the white part of "Casa de Pilatos" in Seville. 

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Mª Esther Albendea Ruz

Directors: D. Juan Abad Gutiérrez and D. Luís Martínez Montiel

Date: 02/06/2011




Title: The historical heritage of the parich of  "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción".

Doctoral Student:  Dª. Yedra Mª García Sánchez

Director: Dª. Mª Dolores Ruíz de Lacanal

Date: 22/10/2010




Title:  The restoration in the painting collections of the Sevillian School of the 17th Century from the Louvre Museum.  

Doctoral Student:  Dª Rosa María Moreno Rodríguez

Director: Dª María Fernanda Morón de Castro

Date: 07/11/2001




Title: Painting and Theatre in Seville during the Golden Age: the "Sacred Monarchy". 

Doctoral Student:  D. Francisco J. Cornejo-Vega

Directors: D. Alfredo José Morales Martínez and Juan Miguel Serrera Contreras 

Date: 1999