The Master of Art: Idea and Production was set up in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Seville in the year 2010/2011. It has 60 credits.

Due to it is an official Master, it offers the possibility to conform the European Universities through the European Credit transfer System (ECTS).

The structure of this Master will promote a personalize training development according to a plan, that beats the traditional division between technique and artistic disciplines in order to bind together the reality of the contemporary artistic creation; which is tended to intermediate and interdisciplinary models.  

Every student has to be enrolled in one of the itinerary modules that are offered. The purpose is to develop a theoretical and practical work in terms of a coherent creation/research line, directed to the elaboration of a Master's Thesis. All the courses of the modules have a transversal and open character. This way the student has the freedom to decide on what he/she interested, in order to develop his/her artistic project. 

The master is for those students who have a superior education in artistic disciplines - "licenciados or Fine Arts graduates"-with the exceptional possibility of admission to those who are graduates from other bachelors that are related with Fine Arts like Communication, Architecture, Aesthetics (Philosophy), Art History, etc.

The student profile is caractherised by his/her curiosity in relation with the artistic creation and the interest to study and research in the different spheres of culture and contemporary art.