Andreu-Lara, Carmen

CARMEN ANDREU-LARA (Cádiz, 1963) received her doctorate degree in Fine Arts at the University of Seville (1989), where she currently works as a Professor in the Painting Department. She lectures in the Bachelor of Fine Arts and the Master of Art: Idea & Production.  

She is the head researcher of the group HUM 841, Landscape Observatory, focusing on the Art as assessment tool, and the awareness of landscape. She has worked on this topic from the theoretical reflection standpoint, and works publishing articles and participating in conferences and meetings, along with continuing her artistic practice through the participation of exhibitions.  

In recent years, she has focused on the research of a methodology that facilitates the transdisciplinarity reading of landscape with the convergence of different disciplines such as geography and history. She also participates in the research team of "Cultural Landscapes of the Global Heritage List" project. Keys for the Identification and Criteria for the Management of Pastures, Iberian Areas, and Mediterranean Olive Trees. (CSO2015-65787-C6-6-P).

She is part of the Phd Programme of Art and Heritage.