Bernal, María del Mar

MARÍA DEL MAR BERNAL (Osuna, Sevilla 1966) Received her doctorate degree in Fine Arts at the University of Seville, after she finished her "licenciatura" in the Complutense University of Madrid. Currently, she is a Professor in the Department of Drawing, dedicating her services to teaching, artistic work, and research in the area of graphics. She is the author of the book " [visual diffusion of the printed graphic] (2013) and several chapters of books and articles in specialized magazines. Among the most recents stand out "El papel japonés para grabado" (Engraving and Edition), (2016) "El espanto del cura: la difusión del Libro de Artista en Internet". (LAMP. Cuadernos sobre el Libro. Complutense University of Madrid), "Los nuevos territorios de la gráfica: imagen, proceso y distribución". (Art, Individual and Society , 2016), "Grabado y Performance. La desobjetualización de la gráfica". (G&E, 2014). Between other conferences and contribution to congresses, her line of research generally focuses on aspects of entrepreneurship and  graphics (School of Art of Jerez, Córdoba and Catholic University of Chile 2014-2015), and the virtual resources to the non-formal learning of graphics. She is a researcher for the group HUM822: "Gráfica y Creación Digital", she is part of the PhD Programme Art and Heritage.