Blanco-Barrera, Ramon

RAMON BLANCO-BARRERA ‘233’ is the name of the visual artist and/or social catalyst Ramón Blanco-Barrera. He uses this number as a pseudonym in allusion as an identifier name of our overcrowded global and capitalist system. He goes after the reflection in the spectator through rescindable "screams". He works internationally with/for people, in site-specifics, considering the artistic projects as direct experiences in situ. 

He is a professor and research in training of the Department of Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Seville) since 2014, he is under the direction Yolanda Spínola-Elías. He is an Associate Community Member of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre de la University of Ottawa (Canada) since2016.

He has received several scholarships and artists residences all over the world. He is a Co-funder and Cultural Manager of @BICImagenta along with Concha Barrera Carmona, a sustainable artistic-educational project with headquarter in Cañada Rosal (Seville). Author of several research articles, published in scientific magazines. Among his last individual exhibitions are ‘Democratic Artworks’ in Berkeley (2016) and ‘ #TheUniversalGame : One flag to connect us all’ in Ottawa (2015).