Caetano Henríquez, Enrique

ENRIQUE CAETANO HENRÍQUEZ (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1972). PhD in Fine Arts at the University of Seville. He was a professor in the Department of Drawing from 2003 until 2007, when he changed to the Department 

He took his doctorate degree at the University of Seville. He started as a professor in the Department of Drawing in 2003, and he changed to the Department of Sculpture and Plastic Art History in 2007, where he is the current director.

He has published several books related with Sculpture and Drawing, also he has written chapters and articles in national and international publications that deal with these topics. He has participated in conferences in different countries (Portugal, Mexico, UK, Italy, Burkina Faso), as well as a professional continuous activity (mostly graphic and sculptural)

Currently, he is a member of the research group "Investigación de Técnicas Escultóricas” (University of Seville) and “Técnicas y Procedimientos Escultóricos” (Universidad de La Laguna), participating in competitive research projects.

He is a co-founder of the Cooperation Group US:  “Arte y Desarrollo”.

He is related with teaching and his professional activity of the representation of fuman body; for him the artistic practice is the space of confluence between the continued teaching commitment ( and eventual research activity) and the daily need to live moments of creation, or not, in the intimacy of his studio.