JUAN FRANCISCO CÁRCELES PASCUAL, ·Received his doctorate degree in painting. He has been a professor since 1976.

·Teaching provided: "Licenciatura" of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Art: Idea & Production, and doctorate courses since 1991.

·He has been responsible for the research group "MATERIALES Y TÉCNICAS ARTÍSTICAS" since its creation in 1989 (Materials and Artistic Techniques) ( (HUM-467).

·He has recognized 4 tranches of Investigation (Six-year period), and is the author of four books, several chapters of books, critical reviews, prologues and journal articles.  

·Since its creation, he has been part of the Panel of Outside Experts from the "ANECA" for the accreditation of the University Educational Bodies.   

·Expert Evaluator of Research Projects I+D+I for the National Agency for Assessment and Forecasting ("ANEP"), since 1990.

·Reviewer of scientific journal for "FECYT".

·He has led 11 dissertations and 20 research projects (Thesis, Ha dirigido 11 Tesis doctorales y 20 Trabajos de Investigación (Tesinas, Doctoral Research Projects, Master's thesis, etc.).

·Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme Art and Heritage.

·Since 1973 he has done 11 individual exhibitions, and since 1969 he has participated in 135 collective exhibitions (121 in Spain, and 14 abroad)

·Between1974 and1999, he obtained 12 awards in national and international contest.