Rosado, Miguel Pablo

MIGUEL PABLO ROSADO San Fernando, Cádiz, España, 1971.

Miguel Pablo Rosado cooperates with Pedro Rosado since 1996, they work and live in Seville. They are twins under the pseudonym of MP & MP Rosado. They have been trained in Fine Arts at the University of Seville and the School of Fine Arts of Athens. They are studying their PhD at the University of Seville, where they are associate professors Miguel Pablo Rosado of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville and Manuel Pedro Rosado of Málaga.

Since the mid 90s they have been developing a work based on the constitutive mechanism of the discourses of spaces, time and subject. Their twin condition, paradoxical, allow them to explore the duality and the alter ego, the self, individual and collective construction, "like an enormous mirror in which we can recognise ourselves".

Another characteristics of their projects are the exploration of life experiences, the private emotional substrate, the relation between shape and surface, language and meaning, the emotions, the subjective choices, etc.