Vadillo, Marisa

MARISA VADILLO (Córdoba, 1976) is "Licenciada" of Fine Arts  (2000-2001), she received her doctorate degree in Fine Arts (European credit) at the University of Seville in 2006, where she works as a professor in the Department of Drawing.

Research Fellow (F.P.U.) of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science between 2002 and 2006. In her last year she presented her Dissertation “Las artistas de la Bauhaus: una revisión del arte y del diseño femenino”. To develop her work she carried our two research visit of six months at the  Bauhaus-Archiv Museum für Gestaltung of Berlín, where she consulted and registered digitally original documents that belonged to female students. Moreover, she visited the Thüringisches Hauptstaatsarchiv of Weimar to consult the original documentation of the registrar's office at the school of Weimar, which maintains the filling cabinet of microfiche format. Likewise, she had access to the Stiftung Dessau-Bauhaus of Dessau to documents and some objects that are in that foundation. She also researched in Berlin the ceramic fundings of the  Bröhan-Museum and the Keramik-Museum. She finished her work with a visit to the original museum-house of the artist Grete Reichardt, located in Erfurt-Bischleben, where she could complete the information about this author.

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