Degree's Quality Guarantee System

The University of Seville has the purpose of favouring the continuos improvement of the Bachelors that it holds. Also, to guarantee a level of quality that facilitates the verification and later the certifications, which were approved in the Governing Board (21/12/2016), Bachelor's Quality Guarantee System of the University of Seville: Bachelors and Master V.5. The acts and procedures held in the SGCT_US are in accordance with the"judgement and directives in order to guarantee the quality in the European Higher Education Area" well through-out by the European Quality Assurance of the Quality of the Higher Education, and it combines valuation actions and the guidance carried out by the University with those that belong to the Centres in charge of the teaching developments. 

The additional reports of the Bachelors of Fine Arts and Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, and also the Master of Art: Idea & Production, have a quality guarantee system oriented to favour the continuity and guarantee the expectations that the student's training has, while ensuring the commitment that as a Center of the University of Seville has, along with the society that provide services for. 

This Center is aware of the importance that consolidate a culture of quality in the university area has, and takes into account the implementation of the culture as a decisive factor to get the skills, abilities and aptitudes of the graduates, students and staff, in order to be recognised by employers and society. For all these reasons, there is a stated commitment, in joint responsibility with the governing bodies of the University of Seville, for the development of the Quality Guarantee System of every Bachelor of the Faculty. 

Quality Guarantee System Organisation 

The body in charge of the tracking and quality guarantee of the official teaching of the University of Seville is the Degree's Quality Guarantee Commission of the University of Seville ("Comisión de Garantía de Calidad de los Títulos de la Universidad de Sevilla" (CGCT-US)). It is constituted and regulated by the chancellor resolution.This Commission is in charge of the revision and the yearly evaluation of the proceedings, and the common tools to all the bachelors of the University; in order to modify anything to adapt the Degree's Quality Guarantee Commission of the University of Seville when is required. Moreover, the Commission has to coordinate the reviews, reports and other information about the development of the University of Seville's Official Bachelors, and supervise the quality's management system, and coordinate the analysis and valuation of the results obtained.

The Centre Board ("Junta de Centro" (JC)) of the Faculty of Fine Arts, as a collegiate governing body of the Centre, is the main responsible for the degree's quality that are held in the Faculty, since the creation of the bachelors until their expiration. The responsibilities are:

  • the development of the plan of studies of the Centre's Bachelors (versification reports), as well as the modification proposals of the plans.
  • the endorsement and control of the improvement plan of the Centre's Bachelors.

The Quality Guarantee Commission of the Centre ("Comisión de Garantía de Calidad del Centro" (CGCC)), part of professor's representatives, staff, students, and an external agent, it is in charge of the implementation and put into practice the documentation required. It acts accordingly to the degree's commission, developing the performances directed to the continuous improvement of the Centre; and therefore, the continuous improvement of the bachelors, the implementation of the Quality Guarantee System of the Centre, and the involvement of all the parts of the Centre.

In the same way, the Commission will look out for the efficiency, efficacy and transparency of the management of the Quality Guarantee Commission of the Centre. It is also responsible for the proposal of improvement actions, according to the analysis of the results obtained. Being always objective.

The Commission will act in coordination with the Study Plan Monitoring Committee in the statuary competences of the Committee.

As set out by the Statute of the University of Seville in the article 28, all the Bachelor Degrees and Masters will have a Study Plan Monitoring Committee that must look out for the right realisation and a coherent development of the plan of studies for every degree by the verification and control of the educational programme. As well as the compliance of the educational organisation from the Departments that teach in every Degree.

This structure establishes a principle of joint responsibility in the procedures and the quality guarantee of the degrees of the Faculty among the academics, professors, students, staff, and the governing bodies of the University.