General information about the recognition and transference of credits



The recognition of credits is the acceptance, by the University of Seville, of those credits that have been obtained in other official institutes. They are computed to the get an official title.

Cases in which they may appear:

-Bachelor Official Education.

-For Bachelor Official Education from previous studies in university studies.

-Recognition of Credits for the participation in cultural, sport, student representation, solidarity and cooperation university activities (article 12.8 of the "REAL DECRETO" 1393/2007 of 29 October by which is stablished the planning of official university studies). Optional Credits.  

- Professional Activities and non-university studies.

- Mobility programme.- according to “learning agreement”. (the payment of the student's enrolment). 


Regulation and transference of records of the University of Seville.  


By the interest of the student, the application of recognition of credits will be made at the Secretar's Office of the Centre, and it will be joined along with the documentation of the enrollment (in the case of recognition of university studies).

The origin will be courses that the student has passed, no courses previously recognized or transferred.


- Application of the recognition of credits in standard form. 

- Personal academic certification of the studies done. 

- Copy of the plan of studies. 

- Programme of the content of every module or courses, and the corresponding number of credits passed, stamped by the home centre.  

Payment of the Public Rates 

The recognition of credits is the payment of the 30% of the price of the credit.


The Dean is who has to take decision at first instance, prior non binding record of the University Departments involved.

Maximum 3 months.


Against the resolution of the Dean, the student can appeal to the Dean, within one month since the date of the resolution.  



The official documents that the students add, will have included the total number of credits obtained in the official teaching taken before, in another university. These paper must show that the student has not finished his/hers studies yet to obtained a diploma.


The credits that correspond to the courses previously passed by the students, in university studies not finished and that cannot be taken into consideration, will be transferred to his/her record in the studies he/she is applying for, and they will appear too in the official documents that the students will want to continue, as well as the European Diploma Supplement.


It will be applied at the Secretar's Office, and the enrollment too. The student will add if he/she has taken before other official studies without finishing them. To deal with the transference of credits, it will be necessary that the student closes his/her records in his/her previous studies, paying at the Secretar's Office the transference of records.

In case the student is taking simultaneously another degree, there will not be transference of records, due to the student can study more things at a time.


- Application of transference of records, standard form.

-It will be handed in at the Secretar's Office. (Documentation needed)

- The payment card will be handed in along with the documentation.

All the credits obtained by the student: transferred, recognized and passed, will be in included in his/her academic records, and reflected on the European Diploma Supplement, previously the student has to pay the taxes the Autonomic Community establishes.