Muñoz del Amo, Áurea

ÁUREA MUÑOZ DEL AMO (Badajoz, 1980) is "Licenciada" of Fine Art (Engraving and Design Area). She received her doctorate degree in Fine Arts (European Credit). Currently she is a professor in the Department of Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Art of the University of Seville. She teaches in the Bachelor of Fine Arts and the Master of Art: Idea & Production, and she is also part of the doctoral programme "Art and Heritage" of the University of Seville.

In 2004 she obtained an scholarship of Research Staff Training (Formación de Personal Investigador (FPI)) of the University of Sevilla plan. She has completed research stages in art centres of different European countries (UK, Italy, Finland, The Netherlands and Belgium), participating in several artistic project and, receiving, among others, the Award “Fundación Pilar Banús”within the XV "Premios Nacionales de Grabado convocados por la Fundación del Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo de Marbella". In 2009 she hold an exhibition at the "Archivo Histórico de Cáceres" called “Ex umbra in solem” financed by the Council Culture of "Junta de Extremadura". Likewise, she obtained the Extraordinary Doctorate Award of the University of Seville during the year 2009-2010 in recognition of her merits as a research and her dissertation called: "“Sobre la Luz y el Arte Gráfico: una Propuesta Artística a Propósito de sus Interrelaciones”. In her teaching work, artisitic and research are closely related with the contemporary graphics area and the new imaging technologies, and also, she is part of the research group HUM822: "Gráfica y Creación Digital".

In relation to academic management, it is noteworthy that between 2010 and 2014 she was part of the Dean's Council Members, executing, among other assignments, Vice-Dean of Quality and Students. Since 2004 she is the Manager of the Student's Secretariat.