Mancera Martínez, Manuel Fernando

MANUEL FERNANDO MANCERA MARTÍNEZ. Received his doctorate degree in Fine Arts at the University of Seville. Master of "Philosophy and Modern Culture", he is a professor in the Department of Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts, where he teaches the course "Art, Design and Communication". His works is currently oriented towards the digital production (series like “Cirque DuMal”, “LaVozDeSuAmo”…). Nevertheless, he develops different projects in Painting (series like “…de momento abril”, “the Simpsons”…); Drawing (series like “inocente-pecador”, “NeoIconografía”…), Phototography (series like “quién le dice que no al tiempo”, “Cronos”) and Sculpture (series like “Mitos”, “Eros”…).

His curriculum can be checked here: 


Mañero, Alberto

ALBERTO MAÑERO GUTIÉRREZ, with a 30-year experience in teaching in "Licenciatura", Bachelor and Master. He is a professor in the Department of Painting of the University of Seville, where he received his doctorate degree in 1991. His professional and research experience is wide. He is part of the Doctor's degree in Art and Heritage at the Faculty of Fine Arts. He has directed Phd dissertations, Mater's Thesis and Final Projects, and at the same time, he has been part of these specific examinig boards. He is researcher responsible of the research group PAI HUM-599, since 1993 until 2016. He is a collaborating researcher of the research group PAI HUM-447, since 2017. Responsible of several educational innovation projects through the "Campus Virtual Andaluz". His research areas are focused basically on painting, technique and new technologies applied to teaching, methodology in Fine Arts and New Technologies. 2 six-year term recognized by CNEAI. He is a member of programme's experts  ACADEMIA of ANECA, since 2011. The research of the pictorial work has been carried out, since 1981, through several individual exhibitions and many pooled samples.


Martínez Montiel, Luis f.

LUIS F. MARTÍNEZ MONTIEL. Lecturer of the University of Seville. He took a doctor's degree in Art History, currently he is the director of a research group Contemporaneity and Heritage (COPA Hum. 950) and regular collaborator of the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage since its foundation. At present, he is the director of the Heritage Secretariat and the Vice Presindent of the Initiative Cultural Centre (CICUS) of the University of Seville. Recently, he has made the coordination of several international studies for the Cultural European Commission and he has participated as a coordinator of patrimonial workshops with AECID ("Agencia Española de Cooperación y Desarrollo") for his programmes in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Ecuatorial Guinea. He is the author of several book, he usually completes his professional activity with the exhibition curator, where he can integrate his two research aspects: The Heritage and the Contemporary World. Among the most recents it can be indicated the ones made for the AC/E (Acción Cultural Española), SECC (Sociedad Española de Conmemoraciones Culturales), National Library or Culture Council of Junta de Andalucía.


Martínez Salazar, Guillermo

GUILLERMO MARTÍNEZ SALAZAR Department of Sculpture and History of Plastic Art.

He creates his activity within the sculpture sphere and the application of chromatic treatments about the sculptural volume.


His research is developed with the participation in different research groups. Group ARTANA HUM552, with the study of artistic anatomy. Research group HUM184 sculptural techniques, working from different ways of creation and configuration of the plastic work linked to sculpture. From an international level, he is inscribed as a researcher of the research team of "Secção de Genealogia, Heráldica e Falerística del Centro de Pesquisas e Estudios Sociais". Facultade de Ciencias Sociais. Universidade Lusofona of Lisboa.


He has taught in the "Licenciatura", Bachelor and Master. 

  • "Iniciación al Modelado".
  • "Técnicas de reproducción en escultura".
  • "Modelado".
  • "Modelado y Composición".
  • "Imaginería polícroma".
  • "Procedimientos escultóricos".
  • "Fundamentos de la escultura I y II".
  • "Escultura polícroma".
  • "Valores educativos del patrimonio y las Bellas Artes".

Currently, he is the coordinator of the 4th year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts.


Muñoz del Amo, Áurea

ÁUREA MUÑOZ DEL AMO (Badajoz, 1980) is "Licenciada" of Fine Art (Engraving and Design Area). She received her doctorate degree in Fine Arts (European Credit). Currently she is a professor in the Department of Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Art of the University of Seville. She teaches in the Bachelor of Fine Arts and the Master of Art: Idea & Production, and she is also part of the doctoral programme "Art and Heritage" of the University of Seville.

In 2004 she obtained an scholarship of Research Staff Training (Formación de Personal Investigador (FPI)) of the University of Sevilla plan. She has completed research stages in art centres of different European countries (UK, Italy, Finland, The Netherlands and Belgium), participating in several artistic project and, receiving, among others, the Award “Fundación Pilar Banús”within the XV "Premios Nacionales de Grabado convocados por la Fundación del Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo de Marbella". In 2009 she hold an exhibition at the "Archivo Histórico de Cáceres" called “Ex umbra in solem” financed by the Council Culture of "Junta de Extremadura". Likewise, she obtained the Extraordinary Doctorate Award of the University of Seville during the year 2009-2010 in recognition of her merits as a research and her dissertation called: "“Sobre la Luz y el Arte Gráfico: una Propuesta Artística a Propósito de sus Interrelaciones”. In her teaching work, artisitic and research are closely related with the contemporary graphics area and the new imaging technologies, and also, she is part of the research group HUM822: "Gráfica y Creación Digital".

In relation to academic management, it is noteworthy that between 2010 and 2014 she was part of the Dean's Council Members, executing, among other assignments, Vice-Dean of Quality and Students. Since 2004 she is the Manager of the Student's Secretariat.